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Recent Tips and Articles by Seaglass Windowscapes

Benefits of Exterior Window Shutters

Are you looking for easy, affordable ways to improve and enhance your home? If so, exterior window shutters could be a great start! Exterior window shutters are often an underrated addition to a home, even though they support arguably the most important feature of it-- the […]

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How To Choose The Right Storm Shutters For Your Home

Window storm protection like shutters is a great feature for homes here in Bluffton, where inclement weather is often harsh and, even more frequently, unpredictable. When you're selecting storm protection for your home, it's very important that you choose the right shutters for your home, and […]

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Patio Umbrellas: A Complete Guide

Of all the outdoor furniture you can introduce on your patio, an outdoor umbrella is one of the most essential and the most affordable. It shields you from the brutal sun and fends the downpour off when you are unwinding with an espresso outside. It additionally […]

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Top 3 Benefits of Installing Retractable Roof System

Retractable Roof Systems (also called retractable pergolas or retractable awnings) are the latest trend in outdoor living. They make an exceptional and distinctive ‘air room.’ It is extremely flexible and therefore caters to various applications, including homes, cafés, bistros, and other business regions. The cutting-edge roof frameworks […]

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Fabric Screens

Got the furnishings, closets, and kitchen cabinets for your home? There’s one component of the home decor that you can’t disregard – Fabric Screens. They are one of those essential bits of style that can establish the vibe for the home. From light and windy to […]

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The Best Windowscapes For Your Oddly-Shaped Windows

If you’re struggling with finding the best window treatment — or windowscape, as we like to say here at Seaglass Windowscapes — then you’re not alone, especially if you’re trying to find a windowscape for your oddly-shaped windows or doors! If you have unique windows, you […]

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How Long Should My Drapes Be?

When you venture into the land of drapery, you’ll be approached with lots of design options, one of which being your drapery length. There is really no “right” answer to this question — The answer to this question is wholly up to the buyer! You might […]

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