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How To Choose The Right Storm Shutters For Your Home

Choosing storm shutters

Window storm protection like shutters is a great feature for homes here in Bluffton, where inclement weather is often harsh and, even more frequently, unpredictable. When you're selecting storm protection for your home, it's very important that you choose the right shutters for your home, and that those shutters are properly installed.

The experts at Seaglass Windowscapes, Bluffton's top company providing custom shutters, can help you select storm shutters that will be perfect for your home, and after you've made your selection, we can also provide you with free measurement and installation services. To help you make a more informed decision, our professionals have put together some tips to help you choose the right storm shutters for your home and make sure that you're getting all of the protection that you need.

Getting The Right Protection

Storm shutters typically offer two basic types of protection: protection against wind impact and protection against debris impact. Because there's a high probability of severe weather in the Bluffton area, you most likely will want to opt for both types of protection.

When you're selecting your storm shutters, make sure that they'll be able to protect you from storm debris and strong winds, and make sure that the manufacturers can guarantee their products are made up to the highest standards. Storm shutters that are designed for less impact may be efficient, cost-effective options in other areas, but with the high-risk factor we have in our area, they're not a great choice.

Ensuring Proper Installation

Your storm shutters need to be attached to both the structural frame of your home and the frames of your windows or doors. If they aren't professionally installed, they may not be able to protect your home should you experience any extreme weather. You'll also need to be certain that all of the exposed metal fittings, screws, and anchors are weather- and corrosion-resistant. The pros at Seaglass Windowscapes will guarantee that this is the case when we install your shutters.

No System Is Totally Hurricane-Proof

When you select the right storm shutters and have them properly installed, you will have the maximum amount of protection for your home. However, it's important to remember that you'll never be 100% protected. There is always a chance that your shutters won't be able to protect your home from strong hurricanes.

It's also important to remember that every home is unique, and there are no universally accepted rules for storm shutters. Seaglass Windowscapes is dedicated to working with you directly to find the best options for your home, your budget, and your needs, and we'll make sure that your home has the highest possible level of protection.